Want to talk with your children about diversity and inclusion yet not sure where to start?

Here are some ideas to help:

  1. Visit your local library and pick up books featuring children that are different than your children
  2. Follow the cultural celebrations each month (black history, women’s history, etc.) and ASK your children about the topics.
  3. Take your children to an event that celebrates a different culture and talk about their experiences.
  4. Do your homework.  Spend some time getting up to speed listening to Real Talk episodes of the Inclusion School podcast.
  5. Ask your children what differences they notice in people (visible and non-apparent).
  6. Meet your children where they are at.  Listen to learn from them.  Stay curious and suspend judgment.
  7. Check out the Inclusion School resources page for recommended books lists, organizations that support diversity and inclusion, and other ideas.
  8. Follow Inclusion School on Pinterest to get the latest book recommendations, craft ideas, and blogs featuring diversity and inclusion experts.

Download the full discussion guide to talk with children here.

Want more ideas or have questions?  Connect with us directly at talktous@inclusionschool.com.